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Creative Events & Unique Bonding Activities


#SocialArt is just the start!

As a collaborative art space and coping center, we know how important it is to share ideas and create together. These things help build strong networks and personal connections. We refuse to let face to face interactions die! We bond over a shared mission in cities and states nationwide. 

#PARCCPride Keeps it "LIVE"

We know that youth with innovative ideas become inspired and motivated by one another. With that in mind, we make sure to encourage social interaction and member bonding by hosting an array of events designed to form "live" social networks and allow our community to build relationships with us as well. We use local venues in multiple cities for our event activities. Any participation in our social efforts will earn members a great amount of incentive points toward rewards and giveaways. 

Paintball Team

PARCC Social Events & Bonding Activities Include:

Talent Shows and Open Mic Nights

Fashion Shows and Makeover Transformations

Art Shows and other displays

Homecoming and Graduation Parties

Members Birthday Parties 

Game Nights and Tournaments

Movie Nights

Skating, Bowling, Laser Tag, Paint Ball

Sporting Events and Game Play

Dance Battles and Competitions

Road Trips

Arts & Crafts

Visits to Local Venues and Amusement Parks

and whatever you think of as a Member!

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