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Our Vision

With our special skills for putting on one-of-a-kind events of all types and sizeswe prove that most talents can be combined to create amazing collaborations.

 Teachers, parents, and community partners support our program because they understand what it takes to be a member and how important it is to give back with whatever resources are available.

Our members are volunteers who are committed to giving back to the community but with style and flair of course!


Creative Hands and Minds

Dedicated to all forms of digital arts, videography, and photography. We provide enrichment and resources for creators of all stages and backgrounds. Painters step forward, a true favorite of ours! Authors, poets, journalists, and bloggers, tell us what you're working on. Crafters too, our showcase events will provide you the opportunity to show off your skills while also unifying your neighborhood.

Fashion and Glam Squad

Our members know how to put on a show! Make-up artists, hairstylists, nail technicians, and fashion designers collaborate to produce the best Fashion Shows and Makeover Transformation fundraisers in the city. These fundraisers are elevated by our photographers, models, and house DJ!

Mic and Stage Masters

Our members are talented singers, rappers, comedians, and spoken word artists with lots to say...and we're paying attention! With the help of our members, you may learn the most up-to-date dance steps and routines. Our musicians are an added plus, since they provide live sounds that inspire innovation in every department, whether during rehearsals or on stage. With events that fill the air with a range of sounds and flavors, we proudly highlight our up and coming artists and musicians. Vote on your favorite dance battles, open mics, and talent showcases!

At KingsWay PARCC, we start and finish a SUCCESS!

KingsWay PARCC Fundraisers

Our fundraisers are unique ways to exhibit our members' abilities, promote innovation, and involve the community, all while generating funds towards our mission to support low income youth.


Please see the Materials, Equipment, Tools, and Supplies that each department has requested in our PARCC Shop . We call it our "M. E. T. S.  List".  It's a master list of  all items needed to better our artists for upcoming events. 


 Our members are all volunteers and even donate monthly themselves. It's important that we provide the best resources possible to help them make big things happen.


It will always take a village!

"Be great ~ CREATE"

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