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"You Deserve This"



Become a PARCC Volunteer...


KingsWay PARCC offers memberships to "Volunteer" Artists based on recommendations, auditions or private invitation. Teachers assist by recommending students who they believe will inspire, create and share innovative ideas to move us towards our mission. 


Our screening process then, meets approval of parents as they learn through our Member Incentive Points Program, their artist will be rewarded for their hard work and positive impact. Through member driven engagements, you'll have the opportunity to connect with creators from various cities, school districts, genres and backgrounds .  


As a Volunteer in YES! For Creatives, our MIP Program, you'll receive points for just about anything you do to either enhance yourself, your community or another member. Members use those points to draw for great incentive rewards at our Member Appreciation Events. 

Our members attend Personal Enrichment Sessionsparticipate in our Community Action Program and have the ability to join and take advantage of our In-House Member Network and more. 


As a member, you'll be invited to "Member Only" Special Events and Bonding Activities along with being a part of creative network and atmosphere where you'll meet unique people with even more unique ideas. 

Show #PARCCPride when you participate in events that raise funds in your community to prevent dangers faced by your unhoused peers. 

Remember, they deserve it too!



"I'm not a THREAT, I'm an ASSET"

                                                                                         -KingsWay PARCC

"Be the change!"

"Be great ~ CREATE"

"I inspire"




PARCC members are committed to our effort to "Be The Change," and show engagement using various means to demonstrate commitment to the organization's mission.  Today's youth reputations need repair, and we need our community to understand that teens are not at all violent, hopeless, or self-serving, and that many simply require recognition, encouragement, and support in order to develop and reach their full potential. These young people only want to have a positive influence in any way they can and live up to their potential. They are worth it!

"I'm not a threat, I'm an asset."

                                                -KingsWay PARCC

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