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MIP Program

At Kingsway PARCC, our Member Incentive Points Program was developed to acknowledge, reward and encourage personal enrichment through social engagements, artistic recreation and community action. Teachers, parents and communities support our members and show appreciation by donating amazing incentive items along with sponsoring events, activities and lessons. 

With the materials, equipment, tools or supplies, members can pursue their unique interests in various creative genres to promote their cause. Painting materials, camera equipment, software, musical instruments, formal instructions, as well as diverse make up, hair styling products, fabric for designers and much more are examples of items you can win during our events, contests or giveaways. You can win other reward items as well, based on points earned during our ongoing  events.

Our MIP Program is our "Thank You" for spreading awareness within your social networks, school districts and neighborhoods. We see you and appreciate your continued dedication to the mission. Other rewards from our community partners may include Ipads, laptops, gift cards, tickets, cash prizes, PARCC merchandise, private instuctions, sponsored memberships and more. 

Ways to Earn Incentive Points

Attend any Enrichment Session

Participate in any Community Action

Attend a PARCC Social Event or Bonding Activity

Host an Enrichment Session

Join/Use our In-House Member Network

Sell any PARCC Merchandise

Sell your Created Merchandise or Services

Sell Tickets to PARCC Events

Attend or Participate at a Member's Event, Personal Campaign or Fundraiser

Utilize any retained Counselor, Mentor, Advisor or Tutor

Bring a Friend to any Social Event of Fundraiser

Start your own Fundraiser

Reach Personal Life Goals ( Obtain Drivers Lic, New Job etc.) 

Staff will announce random Double or Triple Point Events

Add Subscribers to our In-House Network

Contribute to "PARCC Life" The Blog

Donate to any PARCC Drive (Toys, Food, Books or Clothes)

Recommend a Friend who meets Criteria

Sending Social Media Love

Performing at PARCC Events

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