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"Be the CHANGE you want to see"

If you have a "Community Project" we can join, contact us!


Community Action

We're dedicated to our movement to "Be the Change" in our community. Our members choose to turn off the T.V., put down the cell phones and lend a helping hand. Large amounts of incentive points are earned for participating in community efforts.

Our members stand together in all they do and participate with extreme passion. Most times, our members make their own unique way to assist through entertainment but there are times when we volunteer to participate in the efforts formed around town. We offer time and energy to assist our neighbors in making communities clean and safe for all to enjoy!

Some of our Community Action Efforts Include:

PARCC House Campaigns

Community walk/run events

In-House PARCC Drives (food, toys, books, clothing)

Participation​ in festivals

Neighbor aid in the city

Random Acts of Kindness Campaign

Neighborhood clean ups

Neighborhood food service

Kidz Art Mentoring Program

Assist in any way requested, able and available

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