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"Chosen by Teachers. Approved by Parents. Supported by Community."

At PARCC,  our Premier Artistic Resource and Coping Center, we host a diverse group of ambitious teen artists who collaborate to inspire others to join our ongoing mission of preventing youth homelessness and trafficking. Our members stand out because they use the resources donated by fans, partners, and sponsors to develop unique initiatives that provide supportive peer networks to youth in need of a village. 

Our members are volunteers who continue to make a positive impact in their communities and are a driving force in our organization and so we reward them in our MIP Program.

With our members and your continued support, we can provide safe and affordable housing with the supportive resources needed to get the start they deserve. 

Our coping center includes Creative Events and Unique Bonding Activities to be sure that everyone feels like they have a place of solace.  We provide an expansive "In-house" network offering opportunities for creatives across multiple cities and genres to connect in supportive and encouraging environments. 


We're requesting that PARCC's creative community and supporting partners supply these artists with Materials, Equipment, Tools, and Supplies so that they may pursue their creative paths to initiate campaigns that fund our mission to prevent youth homelessness and trafficking one family at a time. 


To join our community  Contact Us. 

Together we'll build a critical mass of talented artists to showcase and when someone seeks to enjoy or even host a great innovative show or unique event, they will look no further than 

KingsWay PARCC!

What our supporters are saying

"KingsWay PARCC is the best thing for the city. The talent is definitely there. Now they can get recognized for doing all the right things instead of being on the news for all the wrong things. Great concept!"

Kadianne Hangler - Cake Me Baby Inc. (Bronx, NY). 


Be inspired by - and inspire - other talented up and coming ​artists from diverse backgrounds. 

Let our community motivate you to take your skill to the next level. We share experiences, advice, tips, tricks and even warnings. 

Most of all, let's share passions and break barriers by providing supportive resources for the cause.


Know that you have an entire network behind your work. Be confident when it's your time to shine and your fellow members will have your back. 

Our club members are volunteers across multiple cities and school districts. Our supportive community continues to grow each day, join us.

You will have access to amazing Creatives and Entrepreneurs who only wish to see you succeed.


Request constructive, meaningful feedback from others while practicing or learning new skills. Be the best you can be by using any available donated supplies and equipment on hand! 

Complete your Wish List in your membership packet. Be sure to request instructional lessons from your industry's "Top Leaders". Always a favorite on both sides! They could  be watching...


Build meaningful long term social and professional networks that are mutually rewarding. Meet other creators to form your own connections. Don't forget about us when you BLOW UP, come back and be one of our connections!!


Can't be a member? Join our In-House Member Network and show your support along with receiving benefits and exclusive access to content.



We'll also have great discounts, contests and giveaways for our supporters sponsored by our community partners. 

Don't miss out!


Get your name known around town and in surrounding communities for doing all the right things. Become a household name to our sponsors and other creative partners and you never know what opportunity may come your way after a PARCC event!


We're excited to showcase our members and their projects as much as possible. Not to be confused with any type of agency, this organization is all about creating  a supportive community for young aspiring artists geared toward the same mission.


Do you know an artist that could benefit from new materials or updated supplies for their art?  We like to recognize all artists.  Let's uplift an artist!  Contact us!

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